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I was just thinking: two years ago I watched Battlestar Galactica, then, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series and I have to admit that I tend to miss the feelings and the emotions I had back then while watching these freaking fabulous tv shows. Maybe someone could recommend me a tv show which would be equally big, epic and tell a greater story and show so much more than what we see on screen, like the three shows I've mentioned? ;)
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I'm finally up to date with House M.D., yay! And guys, this show is just awesome. House is awesome. Wilson is awesome. Cuddy is awesome. Chase is awesome. They're all awesome. And the dialogues, oh, the dialogues. What a relief after so horrible last night's Heroes. I think I've never seen the dumber characters before. Maya, just for example, kicks even Kate's Austen ass, when it comes to stupidity. And this show used to be great, duh.

Now I'm going to watch some old episodes of my beloved Battlestar Galactica. Maybe 2x11-12 Ressurection Ship part I and II? Anyone?
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Gaked from [ profile] chinesebakery : If TV Shows were people )
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I've watched twelve episodes of House, some episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and I'm going to watch Dark Angel. Yesterday (and it was all [ profile] novin_ha's fault!) I've missed X-Files. And here I must admit that I used to be a really, really big X-Files geek. You think that I'm being obsessed with Lost/Prison Break/BSG/HP/Whatever? It means that you didn't know me from the times I've been watching X-Files, hunting for every tiny spoiler and then discuss it for hours with [ profile] ringhsilven. That's the fandom which showed me the fics, fun and definitions, like trailer, shipper or teaser. I've made friends with at least two wonderful people, who are still my great friends. I've also read slash, but then it was ewww and only Mulder/Scully (eventually Doggett/Reyes) was my only true ship. And today we've watched Tunguska episode, with many, many scenes with Krycek and Skinner, and we were slashing them. Okay, Krycek and Skinner aren't a good example here, because, seriously, they're almost canon. But Mulder/Krycek? And about het, Scully/Skinner is my second ship of choice, just after the most canon het ship ever. XD
And speaking of Chris Carter's shows - has anyone ever watched Millennium? What was your reaction to that tv show? Is it worth watching?

Have a nice weekend! ♥


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