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I think I've never cried before while watching Battlestar Galactica

Literally mindblowing episode. *____*

Is this 2009 yet?!

Spoilers!!!!111 And definitely too much capslock. )

BSG 4x09

Jun. 10th, 2008 02:16 am
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BSG 4x09 The Hub )
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W trakcie filmu doszłam do smutnego wniosku: albo miałam zły dzień albo naprawdę stałam się zbyt cyniczna na Narnię, bo jak inaczej wytłumaczyć fakt, że razem z [ profile] ringhsilven połowę filmu przefazowałyśmy (i to niekoniecznie na jego korzyść), a drugą połowę przewracałyśmy oczami?

Wrażliwi i osoby zakochane w filmie, klikacie na własną odpowiedzialność ;) )
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I've just rewatched the tiny bits of 3x01-07.

Just two little things and a little spoiler, too. )

BSG 4x07

May. 23rd, 2008 02:55 am
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Battlestar Galactica - among the best shows on Earth, y/y? Y/Y?

Finally watched the best episode ever, spoilers. )
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Loved the episode )
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I've had some spoilers, but most of them turned out to be fake. And I cried, I cried so damn hard. I'm still crying while listening to the Place called home song. The finale was so damn beautiful, but it was just too short. I'm torn.
For me AtS is one of the best thing I've ever watched, the second most beloved, most precious tv show ever. After X-Files, which has stolen a couple years of my life. And AtS characters? I'm going to miss them so much.

Hug, anyone? :(

Oh, about a cancellation?:Jordan's no longer there and The WB has since recognizedI believe Garth Ancier at The WB said that it was a big mistake to cancel Angel.
I hope the guys won't sleep at night. At all.
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I just watched AtS 5x15 A Hole in the world and 5x16 Shells. I hate you, Joss. You're just too brilliant. This angst will just eat me up alive, I know this.

And the final song? Depression, anyone?

And. I. Hate. Warner. Bros. Just. Hate. Them.
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Spoilers! )
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After fucking long and fucking irritating problem with torrents (3x07, hello!) I've finally watched these two episodes. And OMGWTFSRSLYPLZTHX aren't those two of the best PB episodes ever? Surely the best of the third season, which is so far my favourite of all the three. Totally, totally loving it. Alex! ♥ ♥ ♥

And some PB news directly from:

"'24' Premiere Postponed as FOX Responds to Writers' Strike"

"Meanwhile, those Prison Break fans worried about a break from December until April can settle down, as it will come back to its Monday at 8pm time slot on January 14.

However, Prison Break fans do have something to be upset about. There were supposed to be three more episodes before it takes its hiatus, but in order to ensure original episodes in January, next week will actually be Prison Break's fall finale, leavin viewers waiting two months to get the rest of the episodes."

So big and very happy yay! for PB coming back on January! :o)))


After browsing my flist - Am I the only one who thinks that second season of Heroes totally, totally, totally sucks and is really boring? :oP


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