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After fucking long and fucking irritating problem with torrents (3x07, hello!) I've finally watched these two episodes. And OMGWTFSRSLYPLZTHX aren't those two of the best PB episodes ever? Surely the best of the third season, which is so far my favourite of all the three. Totally, totally loving it. Alex! ♥ ♥ ♥

And some PB news directly from:

"'24' Premiere Postponed as FOX Responds to Writers' Strike"

"Meanwhile, those Prison Break fans worried about a break from December until April can settle down, as it will come back to its Monday at 8pm time slot on January 14.

However, Prison Break fans do have something to be upset about. There were supposed to be three more episodes before it takes its hiatus, but in order to ensure original episodes in January, next week will actually be Prison Break's fall finale, leavin viewers waiting two months to get the rest of the episodes."

So big and very happy yay! for PB coming back on January! :o)))


After browsing my flist - Am I the only one who thinks that second season of Heroes totally, totally, totally sucks and is really boring? :oP
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Just pimping [ profile] yesprisonbreak.

Because Prison Break was being threatened.

Because the four months of hiatus are just enough to kill any show.

Because we can.

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Fika tego zaczęłam pisać już wcześniej, ale po reinstalacji Windowsa wcięło mi gdzieś tamtą wersję, więc ta była pisana zupełnie od nowa i znacznie bardziej mi się podoba. Musiałam ją skończyć przed jutrzejszym odcinkiem, bo wtedy pisanie tego au mijałoby się z celem. No, i wreszcie po dłuższej przerwie napisałam coś z Lincolnem i fik ten w dodatku nie zawiera nawet najmniejszej dawki Mahone'a, *gasp*.
Miłej lektury. :)

Tytuł: Kłamstwa
Postacie: Michael, Lincoln, wspomniani LJ i Sara
Ostrzeżenia: Au, angst, deathfik, spoilery do 3x03 Call Waiting i spekulacje dot. 3x04 Good Fences
Ilość słów: 873

Nigdy nie lubili tracić się z oczu. )
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To watch new Supernatural episode and link
exactly this screencap from Spn 3x01 with screencap from PB 2x09 even without looking it up on Internet? I'm feeling weirdo. Dudes, Winchester brothers could so easily walk into Mahone.

*shuts up and goes to watch PB 2x09 and 2x10 in polish tv*
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Ekhm, tak więc zachęcona nowym odcinkiem PB stworzyłam slasha, którego akcja toczy się w naszej starej, kochanej Sonie. To mój drugi fik w tych realiach, chociaż pierwszy na poważnie. Mprega tutaj nie liczę. Do napisania poniższego fika zainspirował mnie nie tylko nowy Prison, ale także mleko w tubkach. Słowo daję.
Wszelkie komentarze mile widziane. :)

Tytuł: Sześć dni, siedem nocy
Postacie: Michael, Mahone, Lincoln
Pairingi: Michael/Mahone
Ostrzeżenia: Angst. Slash. Deathfik. Spoilery do 3x01 Orientación
Ilość słów: 848

Kurza łapka, porzucona, ale nie zapomniana, smętnie leżała wśród popiołów. )
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During the holidays I've stopped reading and writing Prison Break fics or watching the second season episodes over and over again. And it wasn't such a bad choice, because now I'm totally excited, delighted and happy to see the new episodes of my shiny and one of the three most enjoyable tv shows. And considering that the yesterday's premiere was very nicely done...

So why the het is dead on Prison Break? )

Holy shit!

Sep. 7th, 2007 10:27 pm
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Rozwiązali Sejm!!! *piwko i wódeczka*
Szkoda tylko, że nie mogę pić, bo biorę leki. :(
I że uważam, że Polacy znowu wybiorą PiS, ale okay.

Very sad and devastating Prison Break cast spoiler )
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(Przepraszam za brak polskich liter we wstepie. W tej kawiarence najwyrazniej nie dzialaja. -_-)
Zdecydowanie zaszkodzil mi brak netu. Zaczelam sie wczoraj zastanawiac nad tym, co moglabym napisac [ profile] ringhsilven na urodziny, pomyslalam o PB, potem o jej ukochanym Michael/Mahone, a potem scrackowalam sie i od reki napisalam crackowego MPREGA. Tak, dobrze przeczytaliscie. Gorzej juz chyba nie bedzie. Aha, i prosze nie zwracac uwagi na ewentualne bledy. :P
To koniec mojej reputacji. (Czego?)
Milej lektury, Cody, i widzimy sie za chwile. :P
P.S. Spece z TPSY dzis przybyli, ale rezultatow nie znam.

Tytuł: Sona
Postacie: Michael, Mahone
Pairingi: Michael/Mahone
Ostrzeżenia: Crack. Slash. Mpreg. Czarny humor. Spoilery do 2x22 Sona i ew. hints w zwiazku z trailerem 3x01 Orientacion
Ilość słów: 1113

Męczyła go świadomość, że wciąż nie wiedzą, jakiego rodzaju eksperymenty przeprowadza się w Sonie. )
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So [ profile] pamalax managed to talk me into writing PB's fic in English (this time kind of longish) and finally I've accomplished that. :o) Here's my baby, divided into three parts. I'm really, really proud of myself and I'm really curious what are you going to think about that. ;) Comments would be nice, then. :D

Title: Three moments
Author: [ profile] pellamerethiel
Characters: Michael, Mahone, agent Wheeler
Pairings: Alex/Pam
Category: Gen, pre- and post-escape. Kind of au.
Rating: PG-13
Lenght: 2074 words
Spoilers: Till 2x20 Panama
Disclaimer: They're not mine.
Summary: Michael, Mahone and agent Wheeler are in the crucial moments of their lifes.
Written for: [ profile] tearcreek for making such a great icon for me. :)
Authors notes and thanks: This is my second English-written fic, so don't get too harsh. :) Really, really huge thanks to [ profile] miss_mazzie, [ profile] novin_ha and [ profile] pamalax for doing beta-reading for me - I can't say how grateful I am. You're awesome, girls!
And [ profile] pamalax is going to write the second part - three answers to my fic, so watch out!

crossposted to [ profile] prison_breakfic and [ profile] fichtner_fans.

You are really in desperate need of these three quiet minutes, three moments of peace. )
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Today's day? I've passed the first part of Civil Law II contest and on Friday I'm approaching the second one, but don't worry! I'm a realist, I know that only three out of eighteen people are going to get their prizes which are the final marks from this terrible exam and I know my chances. They're lower than zero, but I won't complain. I'm glad that I've made it to the second part, really.

Then one of my parrots killed herself while flying wildly across the room. I wasn't at home and my father decided that poor creature needs to fly a bit and he let her (and the second parrot too) out. Well, we're (me and my Mom) letting them out, usually, but this one was very wild specimen and she had troubles with landing on the safe places, so we had to be extra careful. Poor birdie. Now we have to buy another one because of the sad, poor parrot which was left behind.

Somehow that makes me sad.

But then, here comes the fic. I've written something like this more than two weeks ago and I'm still very happy about it. Hello, I've written about one of my favourite pairings! Crack!Pie is made of awesomeness, really. [ profile] novin_ha is made of awesomeness too, because she checked it for me.
Anyway, enjoy!

Crossposting to [ profile] crack_pie  and [ profile] prison_breakfic .

Title: This so-called life
Author: [ profile] pellamerethiel 
Characters: Sara/Kellerman, Kristine Kellerman
Category: AU, post 2x22 Sona
Beta: [ profile] novin_ha - thank you so much!
Rating: G
Length: 720
Summary: Sara and Kellerman are giving a life together a try after the events which took place in the 2x22 Sonaepisode. This is my second English-written fic and that's why I can't wait to see your reaction. I wouldn't make it if not for my gorgeous beta. ;)

Now that was unexpected. )
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Did you know that these actors are great friends in the real life? I can't wait to see them together on a screen, besides the very true fact that GA is losing it's best character and PB... well, if you've watched, you know what I'm trying to say.
I'm sure that I'm gonna love this show (I don't have much of a choice, or do I?), but still I'm going to hate it a little because of K-Man leaving PB. And Addie leaving GA, but that's the less important fact. ;)
About real life: my comp's being taken to the service, so for a few days I'm going to visit some Internet cafes. Oh, the angst. ;)

Spoiler picture from GA 3x22 The Other Side of This Life )
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Thanks to [ profile] mrs_spleen , [ profile] miss_vacant and [ profile] pamalax (who tagged me!♥) started Donut Drabble Time, where you sum a donut with one of the PB characters and then write a drabble (approximately one hundred words) about them. I've chosen Alex, of course, then written it in the cafe on a napkin and let [ profile] novin_ha check the grammar for me. Thanks, Honey! :)
My first drabble (113 words!), my first English fic, too. Enjoy! :))))

American Idol - PB donut drabble! )
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Jestem w trakcie pisania dwóch większych, dość ważnych dla mnie tekstów, ale nic to, przecież moje plotbunnies są znane z sadyzmu i bezwzględności. Bydlęta skłoniły mnie dzisiaj do napisania fluffa. Fluffa. Takiego prawdziwie puszystego, z niemowlęciem, pluszakami, wielkanocnym jajem i maleńką, prawie że niedostrzegalną odrobinką angstu, królującą tam niczym wisienka na torcie. Nie byłabym sobą, gdybym do kubka różowego, słodziutkiego fluffu nie dorzuciła łyżeczki czarnego, klejącego się angstu, prawda?
Tak, czuję się dobrze. Nie, nikt mnie nie podmienił! Stwierdziłam, że sprawia mi ogromną satysfakcję takie męczenie uszczęśliwianie Mahone'a i pragnę unurzać go w pierzastym, różowym puchu. :P
Writers, just give him a tiny break, okay?

Postacie: Alex, Pam, Cameron
Ostrzeżenia: Pre-series, angst, fluff, małe spoilery do 2x09 Unearthed włącznie
Ilość słów: 742

W rzeczywistości przepełniała go duma. )
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It was really, really good - maybe not so good I've expected, but, BUT, there were at least FOUR FIVE of my otps included, so how could I not be pleased?
F.O.U.R. FIVE of them. If you're curious which otps are that, just ask.
Having the four new icons from this episode I'm still a little bit drunk and I don't want to think about how I'm gonna survive a long five months hiatus. Fics and fandom, help me!
Thank you, [ profile] kubis  and [ profile] ringhsilven  for drinking and watching it together. With you it didn't really matter that comp has crashed twice while we watched (we had an extra time to pour ourselves more vodka and cheer for our beloved characters!). And otps, omg. Crack!Pie and Linex For The Win. You know what Linex is? It's a) Linux for PB fans b) Alex/Lincoln pairing. We're nuts, right. ;)
Seriously, I got wrong spoilers = I knew about stuff which just didn't happen! But I knew what title Sona meant, so DUH.

Two main spoilers to 2x22 Sona episode! )
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Ekhm, jako, że z [ profile] kubis prawdziwy Mistyk jest (jam jej Łowca), a wszystkie (z pozoru!) dziwaczne i nierealne pairingi, które zamarzą jej się w Prisonie zaraz tam trafiają, więc... Poszła faza, której efektem jest poniższy picspam-krótki komiks. Nie dla dzieci, zapewniam. :P Slash, slash i jeszcze raz slash. Spoilery 2x21 Fin del Camino. Teksty [ profile] kubis. :P

Dlaczego tlen potrzebny jest do życia? )
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Kiedy skończył się fikaton, z pięć razy zaczynałam coś pisać, ale każdy kolejny pomysł trafiał do kosza. Tak jak myślałam, przeszło mi, jak tylko pojawił się najnowszy odcinek Prisona, po którym od razu zaatakowały mnie wszelakiego rodzaju plotbunnies. ;) Wkrótce wrócę do rozpracowywania Mahone'a, póki co jednak wzięłam na tapetę braci i pewną konkretną, rozbrajającą mnie scenę z Panamy.

Postacie: Michael, Lincoln
Ostrzeżenia: Angst, spoilery do 2x20 Panama włącznie!
Ilość słów: 1333

Gdyby Michael po prostu pozwolił mu umrzeć, wszyscy ci ludzie mogliby żyć. )
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Well, in case you didn't know I've been waiting to see this ep coming since 1x10 Sleight of a hand and the talk between the brothers:

Lincoln: Where are we going?
Michael: Panama.
Lincoln: Panama?
Michael: Panama. Darien Gap, south of the canal. No roads, no electricity, no cops. Nothing but white sand beaches and ice-cold beer.

I'm Panama's fics bitch, have written a couple of them, so my expectations were pretty high.
Were months of waiting worth ot it?

Dude, there was some great stuff that I've written about some time ago. Like, Caipirinha?! After that episode?! Totally canon! :DDDD
Such a thing that I've been writing about can be seen even on promos, which I've put just under the cut.

Just quoting Television Without Pity: Why must Terrence Steadman be the most romantically successful on this show? )
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Tweener?! This is SO wrong! I'm more like Michael or Sara, dammit.
I've spent yesterday's night on [profile] ringhsilven's place and it was fabulous! We've bought food, beer and great, pink wine, then she cooked some gorgeous meal, we've been drinking, talking and watching Invasion to finally understand that our favourite actor's name is not William FiTchner, but FiCHtner. I'm feeling like a dumbass now, because seriously.
Yeah, considering this maybe I'm more of a Tweener than Michael. ;)
Today I'm going to learn, but before that I have a gazillion fics and reviews to read.
Have a great day!

You scored as Tweener. You are Tweener, a younger man who does what he's told but only for his cut.(deseased)

Michael Scofield
Sara Tancredi
Westmoreland(D.B Cooper))
Agent Mahone
Lincoln Burrows

Prison Break- Which character are you?
created with
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Jeszcze raz chciałam podziękować wszystkim za udział w multifikatonie #2. Tworzyłam jak szalona, co można chyba zauważyć po przeciętnej długości moich fików, seriously. Napisałam chyba wszystko, co miałam w planach, to znaczy Sara/Mahone, Sara/Kellerman, Pam/Mahone, Linc/Vee, Michael/Mahone i tylko Michael/Sara nigdzie nie dało się wcisnąć, chociaż wciąż jest to moje najlepsiejsze otp. -_-
[personal profile] kubis, my love!!!! Dzięki za wszystko. :)))))

Moje teksty na fikaton #2 na [community profile] multifandom_pl

* Dzień pierwszy: Żaden człowiek nie jest wyspą, Sara/Kellerman, 1890 słów, spoilery do 2x18 Wash włącznie
* Dzień drugi: Rodzina, pre-series, Linc, LJ, Michael, Mahone, Cameron, 1466 słów, spoilery do 2x09 Unearthed włącznie
* Dzień trzeci: Ukryte wspomnienia, au and Panama futurefic, Michael, Lincoln, LJ, 1562 słów, spoilery do 2x01 Manhunt włącznie
* Dzień czwarty: Caipirinha, pre-series and futurefic, Michael, Lincoln, Veronica, 1631 słów, spoilery do 1x16 Brother's Keeper włącznie
* Dzień piąty: Nie ten brat, pre-series, Michael/Veronica, 656 słów, spoilery do 1x16 Brother's Keeper włącznie
* Dzień szósty: Spacer pod wodą, Sara/Mahone, 1641 słów, spoilery do 2x19 Sweet Caroline włącznie
* Dzień siódmy: Wiara, Michael/Mahone, au and Panama futurefic, 1067 słów, brak większych spoilerów

Dziękuję wszystkim, tak, właśnie tego było nam trzeba!!
Do następnego fikatonu. :)


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